PLEASE NOTE:  In 2017 the reservation rules were changed to allow ALTA captains to reserve all four courts for match play. However, if a member would like to use the courts during a scheduled home match time, please contact the tennis captain at least one week (7 days) prior to the home match date and let the captain know that  you would like to use the court. The purpose here is to prevent needlessly empty courts during match play times, but also to accommodate other residents as needed.

Court Priorities and Reservations

1. Tennis court reservations are handled by or an online court reservation service. Reservation instructions are: 

  • Go to and click on Player Sign-Up to setup a new player account.
  • Select RIVER STATION as your Home Facility.
  • Enter a Facility Code, if needed (Tennis Committee can provide.)
  • Fill in the remainder of your information and click SUBMIT.
  • Login at  or use available mobile options to reserve courts. Players should bring the confirmation to the court as "proof" that they have reserved the court. Reservations not kept within 10 minutes are forfeited unless it is a league match.
  • Cancellations should be made as soon as possible as a courtesy to
  • others. Repeated No-shows may result in loss of reservation privileges.
  • League Captains may include a notation in their reservations to reserve an unlisted walk-on court where permission to use the walk-on court is granted by the Tennis Committee/Board.

2. PRIME TIME is 6:00 PM -10:00 PM on weekdays and all hours on weekends and holidays. During prime time, adult Members have priority over junior Members (under 18) unless it is league play. Because league play times and makeups are mandated, league play has priority over all recreation/pick-up play. All adults and children should relinquish the court courteously when asked to do so for league play.
3. Members under age 11 may not use the courts unless accompanied by an adult.
4. Reservations are restricted to 2 hours unless the reservation is for a league match, in which case the reservation may be made for up to 4 hours to allow for a three set match. League players shall promptly leave the courts once their match is completed if Members are waiting to play.
5. Members should restrict play to one court whenever there are other members waiting to play. Members may reserve only one court at any time; however if two adjoining courts are desired for a group of four or more, the second court may be reserved in the name of another attending Member.
6. Every effort will be made by League Captains to put all their home matches and practices into the online court reservation system as soon as possible so the availability of the courts is available for all to see. Where a league rain- out or makeup match must be rescheduled during court time reserved for a recreation or pick-up match, the Captain/league player must make a courtesy call to the Member who has reserved the court for that time. The member must relinquish their reservation to league play.